Stratpharma, based in Basel since 2005, is a global medical devices and pharmaceutical company. Our first-class teams design, develop, manufacture and market breakthrough products for patients around the world.


Our mission is to use innovative methods to to focus on delivering medical solution in the fields of aesthetic medicine and dermatology, plastic surgery, wound care, women’s health, anti-infectives and oncology. For this we partner with leading medical institutions and technologies to combine skin science and innovation. We aim to deliver our treatments to international markets under a single Global Branding Platform.


Our vision is to strive for excellence in our work and be a trusted partner in the field of medicine.


• We challenge industry structures and “road blocks” that impede the rapid delivery of quality medical devices and pharmaceutical products to patients and healthcare professionals on a global basis.
• We drive out cost from the value chain so that we can deliver “best value” products to our final customers.
• We respect and value the cultural diversity and needs of our customers.
• We demand and expect the highest standards of integrity and professionalism from our staff and our value chain partners.

Who we are

We specialize in innovative topical medical devices to improve the procedures in dermatology, plastic surgery, gynecology, geriatrics and radiation oncology.


Research & Development

Stratpharma is powered by our collaborative R&D projects and an ambitious pipeline in topical dermatology. We are dedicated to improve unmet needs of patients and the industry.